August, 2015

Welcome to my website!!! I hope you enjoy it!

i hope that you will be interested in my life and work, and maybe you can use this page as a prospective “voice over/compere/moderator/dj” employer you can find some examples of what i do by clicking on “contact/book me” or “tv and radio commercials” or “tv documentaries and image films” if you want to find out more about me and my life and work…. please read on!

as you will see, i’ve been in the radio/tv business for almost all of my life and believe me it has changed, not only technically, but from a personality angle too….from independent radio stations in the uk that were truly independent, to what is now corporate radio stations that are owned by big concerns.

there are various pages for you to look at…take your time and mail me if there’s anything that’s not right! enjoy my leisure time pages too. some of the photos will make you smile… .but remember….we’re all getting older!!

*** stop press *** our show at the rabenhof theatre is confirmed and tickets are on sale. it will be on monday the 16th november at the rabenhof in vienna..an evening of monologues from me about my 21 years in austria interspersed with musical guests and audience participation http://www.rabenhoftheater.com just scroll down the dates tioll you come to the 16th november ***

and now it’s august and what weather we’ve been having…up to 39° in austria with another spell of hot weather expected again this month. and what a start! heat waves, great concerts and summers here!!….i’ve just returned from london and with friends in east anglia, and at hyde park we saw the kaiser chiefs, paul weller and the legendary who…it was brilliant! now its down to 2 months of weddings, concerts and hard work and i’ll be ready for my break in september when we visit italy for a few days breaki had a fabulous year last year and if this year is anything like last year i will be more than happy. i had a great year on air at fm4, had some interesting guests on the show ,and did plenty of “voice over” jobs, commercials, image films, documentaries, audio guides and training films. together with company events as host, and even small parts in a film series.

my dog amy continues to be a happy and contented dog too! there are festivals to look forward too, some great concerts have happened already.. the harvest of heart at wiesen with nada surf, wanda, belle and sebastian and bilderbuch. paul weller played in vienna too… at the state opera no less…plus sir van morrison at the stadthalle in vienna.
this month the fm4 frequency festival takes place the line up includes the chemical brothers, prodigy and interpol, the districts from the usa will be there and ellie goulding has also been booked. it will be held at green park, st pölten as usual and will be in august. before that we see war on drugs supported by father john misty ( who i will see in october in the uk)

..last year i was in the uk in wales for the 40th anniversary of swansea sound, the first radio station i worked for. then it was to a company event in the county of styria in southern austria where was the host for an event called the r6 summit for a firm called infonova ( i#ve also been booked again for their event this year too!). i was the moderator for the sustainable entrepreneurship awards in vienna …a very “green” project. i was also at the ars electronica festival in linz…….the film i did is where i played the part of a doctor in a medical “soap” where i had to give the patient bad news that he had diabetes type 2…don’t know if i was convincing but i’ll post the clip as soon as i get it..or not!! the animated series to go along with that has been completed so that’s another job well done. finally i hosted a “quiz night” for another energy firm.

the moderation at company events are keeping me busy, last year i had four including working as the moderator for four events…. one was at the hilton in vienna where i moderated the leaseplan world games in a heuriger setting…everything austrian..and we had people there from 22 countries taking part! the other was at the austria centre in vienna for 3,500 transplant doctors, called esot, where i was the moderator and interviewer. i interviewed peter habberler ( the first man up mount everest without oxygen) and ex formula 1 star niki lauda. i was also the moderator for the lapp (they are one of the biggest cable manufacturer in the world) company’s cup, the annual football and volleyball tournament in budapest…that was fun, the centrope day in burgenland was too and at a function called the “label awards” sponsored by the paper company b&mp….this year again i’ll be a co moderator for the sustainable entrepreneurship awards in october. if you want to see some of the jobs i’ve done i have a you tube page now, just go to you tube and put in stuart freeman voice, and most of my trailers etc will show up along with my you tube channel.

my dog amy is now 10 ……how time flies, and is a real little treasure. she’s so friendly and likes being around people a lot. i take her with me to the studios somedays where she just plays, runs around and sleeps! there are some new photos of her click here take a look and see her first reaction to what the austrian snow was! her best friends are george and cookie and the three of them get on so well together, we go for long walks in the countryside together and hiking in the mountains around the ski resiort of semmering (nö) lower austria

at radio fm4 i now work a week on and a week off which gives me a lot of time for other projects like voice overs for image films, tv trailers, documentaries and commercials. i also had a part, as an american tv host in a film about austrias most famous rockstar, falco who had a number one hit around the world with rock me amadeus. you will probably only see me for about ten seconds but it was fun filming it. the film is now on dvd. i’ve also had a couple of small parts in other films, but it will be just a few seconds on screen, i don’t think i’ll be at the oscars next year. haha!

anyways, once again thank you for your support and keep on keeping on!


Stuart Freeman on Facebooki’m now on facebook too. click here. there’s also a “fm4 morning show with stuart freeman” facebook site that we use when working on the morning show.have a look at it if you’re a listener!

look at some photos of mine while i was in moscow…photos! …the cultural difference there is amazing!

and some while i was on a working visit to kosovo,with the orf and some austrian musicians who gave two concerts to the local dignatries and the youth of suva reka in kosovo (photos..click here)!
we hope to be back there this year too!

Over the last 10 years i’ve been asked to dj at some various and quite different wedding ceremonies and birthday parties from diverse locations as italian castles, marquees, stately homes, farms, hotels, vineyards, a converted barn and even on a boat …that was fun! each wedding is so different but i think all the couples enjoyed the day.
If you’d like me to give you a quote for yours, just e.mail me.

some of the happy (and still married!) couples;

maria and christoph konrad, kastell, stegersbach, burgenland
delia and markus wieser, oktagon, vienna.
rene and martina hatherter (schloss wartholz, NÖ)
andrea and markus kirnbauer (40th birthday) deutzkreutz, burgenland.
markus schieder and lilly wagner st martins therme, burgenland.
mario and claudia schmidt, napoleonwald, vienna
eva maria and klaus orthuber-buder, neunkirchen
helga and jody hopponen , vienna
thomas and connie nickel, roitham oö
fabrice and karin bouisset europahaus, wien
stefan and dani plattner-deisenberger st veit an der glan
theresa and bram kuhn-lancee trin, tyrol.
david and franzi oertner Hallein
barney and vroni eager news tower, vienna
karl and irene orthuber velden
werner (plastic planet) and myriam boote schloss hunyadi. nö.
iulli and michi hugh-bloch salzburg
harry and nina cuber regensburg. de
georg and karo wagner ansfelden
anton and anja gigov (laxenburg)
wolfgang and doris dollinger ( attersee)
arthur and simone noe (styria)
nicki & magdelena de souza-pilz (salzkammergut)
alex and laudinda hoffmann ( italy)
franz and daniella faustmann (styria)
elli and birgit hetzenauer ( ellmau, tirol)
birgit and volker weilguni (bad vöslau)
gottfried and isabella kadeka (NÖ)
peter hosek and amy slensby (orangerie, schönnbrunn)
anne and mirko kinigadner (wolke 7)
rocky and petra grammell (mondial) vienna
stephan and nora wisiak (schloss hof)
evi and mark sponer (elixhausen)
jörg and judith wurm- pallamar (vienna)
christian and tina deutner (salzburg)
… and a few which i’ve lost contact with :-(
…….. to be updated!

EVENTS at which i have been the Moderator/MC/Host

European Robotics FORUM 2015: Vienna, 11 – 13 March 2015 (panel discussion)
R6 summitt Infonova (styria)…and re booked for oktober 2015
ARS Elektronika (linz) roundtable discussion
SEA Awards, 2012.13.14
Leaseplan Summer games
Palfinger company challenge
Population Boom (film presentation and interviews)
ACTB (austria and central europe tourism) rathaus vienna)
ESOT (transplant surgeons conference austria centre, vienna)
Centrope Day
europa forum word rap, mq vienna
GE (Event moderation)
B&B (Gold label awards)
Lapp Cables ( Award night, Budapest)
Vienna Technical Museum (Round Table Discussion)
palfinger crane company salzburg (host: firm challenge days (2009/2011)
austria post & telecom ( moderation: an englishman in austria)
kids university, steyr austria. (radio presentation)

so…..till next month! all the best!………….stuart

this site is updated monthly and all comments and suggestions are welcome! if you have a site that you think might go well on this page
just e-mail me: stuart@stuartfreeman.com


Films /TV Series to rent or buy

“500 days of summer” (great soundtrack to the film)
“californication”..david duchovny
“the west wing” (dont watch unless you want to see all 7 series..its addictive!)
“boston legal” series 1 2 3 & 4! william shatner is amazing!
“life on mars” fantastic bbc series
“ashes to ashes” follow up to life on mars
“hustle” great “con” series. vol 1 to 7 available
“happy valley” bbc series..rent it!
“control” great fiilm.. about the life and death of ian curtis from the band joy division.
“juno” really witty film with a great soundtrack
“the royle family” life with a liverpool down to earth family!
“the hobbit” martin freeman
“silver linings playbook” oscar best actress
“argo” ben affleck
“skyfall” daniel craig.. best bond film for ages
“searching for sugar man” how a nobody (singer songwriter) became a superstar in south africa
..oscar winner as best documentary…
“les misérables”…. great!
“zero dark thirty” kathrin bigelow
“django unchained”..tarrantino.. need i say more?


“fm4 sunny side up 14
“fm4 sound selection 30
“if i had a hi-fi” nada surf ( great cd of covers)
“radio 1 live lounge” vols 1 2 3 4 5 6 & 7

“from elephant to castle” michael caine’s autobiography
“bad boy” peter robinson
anything by jo nesbo!
any ian rankin (rebus) novels
“agent zigzag” story of criminal turned double agent eddie chapman
“ghost” robert harris …brilliant (he also wrote enigma)
“an education” lyn barbers fabulous memoirs from a top journalist who has seen it all!
“margrave of the marshes” autobiography from legendary dj john peel
“the autobiography” johnnie walker (one of the best djs in the uk)