Moderator of the year 2016

Since 2015 we have been presenting “An Englishman in Austria” and “The Stuart Freeman Christmas Show” at the wonderful Rabenhof Theatre in Vienna’s 3rd District. We have performed to over 3,600 people and every evening was Sold Out. Thank You. Our Special guests have been Fuzzman, Clara Lucia, james Hersey, Frenk Label , Avec, Duscher and Gratzer, Mauracher & Sonia Sawoff, Gerald Fleischhacker, Coshiva, Freud and the best Magician in Austria , Paul Sommersguter. This year there will be no Christmas show ( Awww!) but we’re working on a brand new show called “ An Englishman (Still) in Austria!!” and that should be ready for the cities of Vienna ( at the Rabenhof of course) Graz, Linz and Salzburg. We all look forward to seeing you in 2020.  

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