Summer 2021

October 16, 2021 Allgemein

Hello and welcome to my website blog, and as you can see i haven’t been updating this for a while but because of Covid, volume of work and generaly laziness on my part i have decided to change all this!

I’m still presenting the Morning Show on FM4 in Austria, Voicing Documentaries and image films , and audio guides and still living in Vienna. My Dog Amy passed two years ago this month but i have a new Golden Retriever called Maxi who was born on Halloween 2019. She has a totally different character than Amy and loves cuddles and love. Unrequited love ist he nature of the animal and she really fits the bill!

After keeping this page going, i’ll be updating my facebook page,, instagram page (#stueyfreeman)

and commenting on twitter.

We’ve had fabulous weather here, along with spectacular thunderstorms and the heat continues…who says there’s no climate change?

We’re just about out of lockdown here and things are slowly getting back to normal. Although concerts and festivals are taking longer, particularly international acts are few and far between. But hopefully soon!!

So as ever, if you have any news for me, let me know…. And if you have some sort of job for me…let me know. Just get in touch! And have a great summer!