Summer 2019

August 6, 2019 Allgemein

…and what a start to the summer… heatwave and holidays at the beautiful Keutschach am See in Carinthia to start things off! The job at FM4 continues to keep me happy and sane and we are looking forward to joining our colleagues at the tv centre in November this year. 

My dog Amy continues to amaze me and the vet world by still going strong at the age of 14 and a half, apart from hearing and seeing problems she continues to keep on keeping on and I treasure every day with her now. She has acupuncture and is on chinese medicine..and thta really keeps her going!! 

On the moderation front I continue to host international events, mainly from the medical business these days and if I ever do a “bit part” in a film I’m either portrayed as a doctor or policeman!! I still record a lot of voice overs, normal stuff like image films and telephone answering messages, but it’s the narration of documentaries and audio guides that i really enjoy doing.

I keep saying to people how good the austrian music scene is these days and we are reflecting that in our music choice on the morning show at FM4. We had special guests at our Christmas shows at the Rabenhof theatre featuring acts like Avec, Fuzzmann,James Hersey and Clara Luzia to name but a few. 

On the concert side, I’m attending many concerts here in Austria, The 1975, Two Door Cinema club, Elton John was brilliant on his world tour, Mumford and Son’s were great, At Nova Rock festival I saw the Smashing Pumkins, and The Cure on the same night! We have our annual FM4 festival this year, The Waves festival happens too…with a sensational line up of acts. All in all it is a great year for live music.

So as ever, if you have any news for me, let me know…. And if you have some sort of job for me…let me know. Just get in touch! And have a great summer!