New Year, New News!

January 22, 2017 Allgemein

can i be one of the last to wish you a happy new year ! 🙂

i really must update this blog more often but having said that, last year was so busy and successful for me i really haven’t jad tome to stop and think.


I was a very honoured last year to be awarded the radio prize for being the best moderator (presenter) in austrian broadcasting and was at the vienna town hall in front of my peers and colleagues. We also had an incredible year with our show at the rabenhof theatre in viennas 3rd district….,so much they want another 4 normal shows this year, all different from last years and maybe 2 or 3 christmas shows…. so i’ll be busy writing those i the coming months. The christmas shows were again sold out and the fact weh ad different musical artists and comedians, the highlight must have been our magician paul sommersby who entertained the audience inside the theatre and afterwards in the bar area…he’s definately on the bill next year!


So what doees this year hold? Well i have signed another contract at fm4 to present the morning show again, we have a lot of changes there with two of our crew on maternity leave and new people coming in, i’m ölooking forward to the fm4 birthday party on the 21st of the month and if you saw the lipton tea commercials i did on this website i’m hoping to do something with them again this year.


On the concert front we are looking forward to the fm4 frequency festival in august, headliners are mumford and sons this year . coldplay and robbie williams are playing at the football stadium in the summer and we have tickets. I’m not a huge fan but hear that both shows live will be an event to see. My old friend bonnie tyler will be here in april and i’m looking forward to catching up with her and her husband bobby… really doesn’t seem so long ago he was the manager of the disco where we worked, i was the dj and she was the singer in the band!


Amydog continues to still love life…she’ll be 12 in march and has a bad back these days, so training ist he order of the day in a bid to get here muscles back! She had a bit of tonsilitous over christmas but thats cleared itself up!


So that’s about it fort he moment, i hope you too had a good christmas and new year and can i be one of the first (or last!) to wish you a prosperous and healthy one!