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As you will see, I’ve been in the radio/tv business for almost all of my life and believe me it has changed, not only technically, but from a personality angle too….from independent radio stations in the UK that were truly independent, to what is now corporate radio stations that are owned by big concerns. There are various pages on the website for you to look at…take your time and mail me if there’s anything that’s not right! Enjoy my leisure time pages too. Some of the photos will make you smile… .but remember….we’re all getting older!! By the way…if you want to see some of the jobs i’ve done i have a youtube page now, just go to youtube and put in stuart freeman voice, and most of my trailers etc will show up along with my youtube channel.

My dog Amy is almost 12 now  ……how time flies, and is a real little treasure. She’s so friendly and likes being around people a lot. I take her with me to the studios somedays where she just plays, runs around and sleeps! There are a lot of photos here on my website so take a look at them on this website along with some picz´tures of her extended family of Cookie and George.

At radio fm4 I now work a week on and a week off which gives me a lot of time for other projects like company event presentations,voice overs for image films, tv trailers, documentaries and commercials, and of course as a dj for events, birthdays and weddings.

I also had a film part, as an american tv host in a film about austria’s most famous rockstar, falco who had a number one hit around the world with rock me amadeus. You will probably only see me for about ten seconds but it was fun filming it. The film is now on dvd. I’ve also had a couple of small parts in other films, but it will be just a few seconds on screen, playing mainly doctors and policemen (!!) I don’t think i’ll be at the oscars next year though!!.

Anyway, Welcome to my website, Enjoy and if you are interested in what I do, subscribe to my Blog…..


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