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November 20, 2016 Allgemein

It’s not often i keep my blog up to date ( apologies to andra coros, my web designer) but it’s been such a wonderful year i thought i’d keep you up to date! Now we’re in november and the year has gone by in a whirl!

We have had 4 sold out shows at the rabenhof theater in vienna with the title ‚stuart freeman and friends: an englishman in austría’, it features me talking about the cultural differences between austria and england, humorous anecdotes interspersed with musical guests. We are at this moment preparing for two new christmas shows and if you haven’t already got tickets, do so, it will be a open off show ( 14th and 19th december) with special guest star james hersey, we are trying to get a magician involved as something seasonal fort he big boys and girls! In june i was awarded the radio prize ‚moderator of the year“ by the radio group in austria and was very proud and amazed that it came to me. As i said in my speech it wasn’t just form e but fort he whole morning show team who helped me in the award.

On the music scene there have been very many bands who have appeared in austria this year. We had the fm4 frequency festival in the summer, there was the harvest of art with glen hansard pj harvey and element of crime. I saw the norwegian band kmf ( kakkmadda fakka) in the flex club and was really impressed with these young guys. Robert smith and the cure played here and up and coming are the white lies, crystal fighters, placebo and the pixies this month and i’m even looking forward to coldplay and robbie williams next summer!

it’s certainly going to be a busy time before christmas…which is just a few weeks away now, i’m working on a big project regarding e.learning recording , there are still concerts to see, placebo, the pixies and the red hot chilli peppers to name just three! I’ll bet he host agin fro the sustainable energy awards, will be working for the ludwig böltzmann institute again for one of their presentations and of course preparing fort he christmas shows at the rabenhof theatre in vienna…. remember the dates 14th & 19th december….maybe we see you there! Till next time…….