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January 12, 2015 Allgemein 0 Comments

Happy New Year and Welcome to my new styled website. It’s still work in progress so bear with me!

So here we are in janurary 2016  and we’ve had the mildest winter in years, as i write its 10° outside and sunny!, and what weather we had last summer…..temps up to 35° but i loved it!! although i was in Grado, Italy for a week and the rest of the time i was dj’ing at weddings, voicing documentaries and trailers and was the host for a company event Infonova r6 summit, they are a company south of Graz.( i’ve been booked agin for this september already! Another gig was for a firm called Omicron in Klaus, Voralberg where we had the crossing borders music festival for its staff and families. About 2, ooo people turned up and had a pretty (hopefully) fine time. Hugh Masekela was a Special Guest!

Last year i saw many concerts, father john misty, blues legend,John Mayal to name but a few! there were concerts from the stereophonics and the editors. In the summer i was at hyde park for the who, paul weller and the kaiser chiefs and of course we had the fm4 frequency festival…, the line up included the chemical brothers, prodigy and interpol, the districts from the isa, will ellie goulding, interpol, jose gonzales and courtney barrett from australia before that we attended the war on drugs concert at the arena in vienna.there was also the harvest of heart at wiesen with nada surf, wanda, belle and sebastian and bilderbuch. Paul Weller played in Vienna too… at the state opera no less…plus sir van morrison at the stadthalle in vienna. we saw gigs from  the swiss/german duo Boy; Of Monsters and Men from iceland and there are a lot of bands to see in the fm4 indie kiste…see for full details. Last year i was in the uk in wales for the 40th anniversary of swansea sound, the first radio station i worked for.

Then i was the moderator for the sustainable entrepreneurship awards in Vienna ( back again in november!)…a very “green” project.

I was also at the Ars Electronica festival in Linz…….the film i did is where i played the part of a doctor in a medical “soap” where i had to give the patient bad news that he had diabetes type 2. Don’t know if i was convincing but i’ll post the clip as soon as i get it..or not!! the animated series to go along with that has been completed so that’s another job well done.

Finally I hosted a “quiz night” for another energy firm. The moderation at company events are keeping me busy, last year i had four including working as the moderator for four events…. one was at the Hilton in Vienna where i moderated the Leaseplan World Games in a Heuriger setting…everything Austrian..and we had people there from 22 countries taking part! The other was at the Austria centre in vienna for 3,500 transplant doctors, called esot, where i was the moderator and interviewer.

I interviewed Peter Habberler ( the first man up mount everest without oxygen) and ex formula 1 star Niki Lauda. I was also the moderator for the LAPP  (they are one of the biggest cable manufacturer in the world) company’s cup, the annual football and volleyball tournament in budapest…that was fun, the Centrope day in Burgenland was too ,and at a function called the “label awards” sponsored by the paper company b&mp.