photos from kosovo

in march 4 colleagues and i went on a visit to kosovo, to the town of suva reka where our hosts, the austrian army are stationed. we travelled through hungary, serbia, and macedonia to get there.
we took with us two musicians from austria who entertained local dignatries and schoolchildren at a youth centre that was built for them by the aid agencies from austria and germany. here the orf have built a recording studio for the kids to learn how to make interviews and features for the local radio dstation “radio wale” for whom i was a breakfast guest for one hour of the programme.
we were taken on a tour of the area by the representative from the osce and saw first hand how the conflict has affected this country. the attitude of the people was amazing and so positive it made you feel humble.
this is a country where ta doctor earns 400€ per month and a schoolteacher 150€ per month. we hope to go back and visit the area again soon.

Kosovo - The ORF Team on their way!

ORF Team on their way!

Kosovo-Waiting at the Border!

Waiting at the Border!

Kosovo - Music and dance

Music and dance

Kosovo- former capital Prisn

Kosovo - former capital Prisn